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Agile Approach

Agile is our chosen methodology for development as it dramatically increases Software Application project success and involves all parties being heavily in the project to ensure the desired outcomes.

Essentially we GROW the system with you by building many, small projects which produce business benefit throughout as opposed to one large, long term project.

  • Lightweight Process
  • Fast, regular changes driven and prioritised by you
  • Delivers business benefit quickly
  • System grows with you
  • You control the budget


If you require changes made to the system we would spend an amount of time defining the key areas of the system and then prepare a lightweight, prioritised requirements list with you. We would create full User Stories from various Personas including User, Manager, Administrator etc. and work with you to deliver smaller, achievable ‘sub systems’ with regular iterations.


This allows the business to see improvement in small, regular chunks which it tests, uses and then refines in the light of experience and use before moving onto the next priority.


As business priorities change quickly, the Agile Analyst will work with you to achieve a set of clear, objective orientated User Stories in plain English which we will then agree to place in short iteration periods. The only iteration that is fixed is the one that is currently underway. Every User Story out with the current iteration is up for debate, change or re-prioritising.


This significantly reduces project risk as the requirement can only be inaccurate by one User Story or one iteration rather than an early mistake causing a huge problem 2/3rd’s of the way through the project.

Essentially the Company sets a budget of days for any development that it can resource in a defined period of time, afford financially and deal with systematically for each iteration.

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