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Onboard Tracker™️️ API

Integrate Onboard Tracker™️️ with your corporate systems. We make seamless cross-platform data sharing possible.

What is API?

API means communication between separate applications is easy, fluid and constant. When you require information stored in another application, an API can instantaneously retrieve and deposit the data into your primary system. With our open API you can connect any application to Onboard Tracker™ – even bespoke ones. We’ve made it easy and straightforward to implement.

Integrate With Existing Systems

By using API to integrate Onboard Tracker™️️ with your existing systems, you can benefit from a central personnel management hub, without dropping the systems you already love to use.

Consolidate Employee Data

Consolidate and streamline all of your employee data into one ‘Golden Record’, removing data duplication and increasing operational efficiency.

Bespoke Requirements

We understand our clients have unique requirements. Bespoke systems can be hard to create and even more difficult to maintain. Let us help you build custom components onto Onboard Tracker™ that will meet your unique needs. Onboard Tracker™ is continually evolving to respond to the demands and changing shape of our client needs. Want Onboard Tracker™ to do something new? Tell us – we’ll make it happen.

Accurate data

Streamlining and consolidating your data into one platform saves time and eliminates error. From the calendar on your phone to your company’s payroll system, you can instantly streamline data processes between Onboard Tracker™ and your favourite applications.

Build New Applications

If you are a software developer, then we’d love to hear your exciting ideas for new applications we can offer our existing customers. If you have an idea you think could enhance our user experience, then get building and let us market them for you.

Got a question about our API?

Feel free to contact our software development team for more information.

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