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Release Notes: Onboard Tracker v4

Release Notes: Onboard Tracker v4

The team at Onboard Tracker™ are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest refresh and introduce our now fully mobile and tablet-friendly version of Onboard Tracker™ – Operations Management Software for highly regulated industries, such as Oil & Gas, Marine, Subsea, Renewables and Agriculture! 

It has been an incredible 6 years for Onboard Tracker™. We are now supporting Logistics, Training and Competence data of people visiting over 60% of the manned rigs within the UKCS and internationally in over 30 countries.

We have learnt a great deal along the way, working closely with all of our clients to grow the system with and for all of our users. We thrive on your feedback to ensure Onboard Tracker™ is constantly moving forward, is always supported by the latest tech and great to use & look at! 🙂

So why the new version?

In true SaaS style – Onboard Tracker™ is constantly evolving. 

Powered by your feedback, our  ideas and your business needs… our first-class team of Software Developers are dedicated to continuous improvement.

The more we listened to our clients and investigated user-patterns, routines and ‘favourite screens’ (yep – we’re always watching! 😉 ), the more we realised that Onboard Tracker™ was increasingly used on the move. With over 25% of screen-time now on mobile and tablets we wanted to ensure the experience was as slick & clear on a smart-phone as it would be watching on the ‘Big Screen’ with a bucket of Popcorn on your lap and a Tango Ice-Blast by your side! And so, following a few months’ hard-work, determination & imagination… we are immensely proud to introduce:

Onboard Tracker™ V4 – the brand new user-interface for the best Onboard Tracker™ experience yet! Fancy a sneak-peak? Then keep scrolling!

What’s new?

1. New & Improved ‘Cosmic’ Interactive Log-in

We couldn’t refresh the system and not introduce a sparkling new Log-In could we!? The dark-blue is signature Onboard Tracker™ colour and the interactive line intersections make this a page you’ll want to linger on!

2. Feedback Friend

Our ‘Feedback Friend’ let’s you quickly tell us the bits you love, like and loathe! Need a new report header? Have an idea for a completely new tab? Don’t like a colour? Or simply need some help navigating about – we want to know what you have to say!

3. Even easier searching!

Enhanced searching capabilities (by Name, Nickname, Role, Site, Client and more) to quickly find/contact your required worker. Brighter, bolder and mobile-friendly buttons make the experience lightning-fast and incredibly easy to use.

4. Person Summary

Individual Summary Pages pull highlights from the system showing:

  • Current and Future Movements
  • Certification Compliance Overview
  • Expiring Certs
  • Competence Progress Overview
  • Recently Completed Competences

Want your workers to have a view of their own Movements, Training & Competences? This page links to the Self-Service mobile interface where individuals can see their own records and be aware of any upcoming Work, Training & Other Movements including any last minute changes. Helping you to encourage self-initiated training and increase Workforce Engagement across your organisation.

5. Certification Management

Onboard Tracker’s™ Traffic Light Colouring makes identifying training gaps and expiries easy to view, manage, and report. Filter by Occupation, Client and Site for Succession Planning, arranging Role Cover, Planning Ahead and Auditing. The system holds Certificates live on the system to be accessed anywhere, at any time.

6. Reporting

Each Onboard Tracker™ module comes with a number of targeted, manipulatable reports for Logistics, Certification, Competence and Matrix Exports. The example here lets you quickly find an individual with the required Occupation, Site Experience, Certification and Availability.

7. Operations Tracker (for your offshore, onshore and other movements!)

Manage Movements by individual Sites and by Roaming/Rotational Teams. The clean, colour-coordinated and easy to use interface ensures staff are never double-booked, can move individually or as a team and all data is automatically stored for reporting.

8. PowerBI – powerful, countless possibilities

Perhaps the most impressive of our new features: the Enterprise system of Onboard Tracker™ comes with a catalogue of MS PowerBI reporting. Interactive and customisable dashboards enable you to quickly visualise the insights you need. Easily monitor expiring certs, outstanding verifications, team compositions and more – personalised for each individual system-user.

Want to learn more?

This is just a small insight into what Onboard Tracker™ V4 has to offer (we can’t give away all of our secrets!!!).  Want to see a full-system demo? Contact us today!

When can I have it?

OnboardTracker™ V4 is already in use by a select group of our core users. Here’s what they think so far: 

“I’ve just recently started using the new V4 version of Onboard Tracker, it is quick, easy to use and looks great! It’s good to have all of our information in the one place, crewing, certificates etc and we can pull useful reports for example course expiry reports, staff movements to name a few.”

Logistics Co-Ordinator, HRH Geology

V4 will soon be available to all users by ‘opt-in’ to gather even more feedback and opinion before going live across the board towards the end of the year.

All new customers will be welcomed straight onto the new version. 

Get in Touch!

Whether you are a current customer who wants to upgrade now or have never used our software before and are interested to find out how Onboard Tracker™ can help streamline your Logistics, Training and Competence Management … we’d love to hear from you!

Streamline your Workforce!

Call us on 01224 213 033 or send us an email and ask to speak to a member of the Onboard Tracker™ Sales Team 🙂

We can’t wait to hear from you.

All the best,

The Onboard Tracker™ Team

Get Onboard Tracker – Now get Mobile Visibility too!

30th Anniversary of Piper Alpha

30th Anniversary of Piper Alpha

The team at Onboard Tracker™ are delighted to announce we will be exhibiting at Safety 30; Securing a Safer Future  at the AECC, in commemoration of the 30 year Anniversary of Piper Alpha. Held by Oil & Gas UK in association with the International Regulator’s Forum.

Kevin, Sandra and Emily will be at Stand 14 both days (5th and 6th of June) – where we promise to have something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds! So come say hello, pick up some treats and be in with the chance of winning from our prize draw!

Continued commitment to the safety of your people is paramount to us at Onboard Tracker™ and we are proud to be one of the drivers of the digital transformation currently reshaping the O&G industry.

We look forward to seeing many of you there – sharing our story & hearing yours!

From all of us @ The Onboard Tracker™ team.