Case Study: Boskalis

A crew management solution for energy and renewables, Onboard Tracker™ transforms global operations at Boskalis Subsea Services by connecting teams to improve and streamline crewing decisions while providing full data control.


Since April 2019, the Onboard Tracker™ team has been working with Boskalis to provide integrated crewing software – Initially introducing logistics, training, and certification modules before launching additional modules to manage competence, payroll and crew planning – all elevated via PowerBI dashboards and reporting.

Thanks to the implementation of Onboard Tracker™, Boskalis has continued operating in line with global standards throughout its growth journey.


Boskalis operates a global fleet of diving and construction support vessels offering a diverse range of services.

With approximately 1000 employees in total working onshore and offshore, as well as a subsea services fleet consisting of 5 Diving Support Vessels and 2 Construction Support Vessels, ensuring compliance with industry legislation and the ability to report effectively were crucial components to ensure the delivery of products and services that meet customer requirements.

However, with no integrated system in place for managing personnel or data, Boskalis were relying solely on spreadsheets and legacy systems that were no longer fit for purpose. It was clear that a much more innovative system was required to improve crewing processes and management.

“Onboard Tracker™ is designed for growth so we recognised when we introduced it, that the software was going to be able to meet our needs as a growing business.”

Gillian Laing, Personnel & Logistics Manager, Boskalis Subsea Services


A connected approach

Onboard Tracker™ holds all data accurately in one place, maximising the crew planning and scheduling for the offshore and onshore teams. Its versatile and accurate reporting capabilities offer the following key benefits:

•The ability to track, monitor and plan large groups of personnel into one central hub for both onshore and offshore

•A connected and adaptable management system to mobilise worksites as niche as 10 employees and up to over 100 workers using the same processes with the same effective delivery

•The ability to directly automate payroll reports, tracking intricate details of issues such as tax implications for specific locations

•The launch of the Self-Service user access to all staff employees both on and offshore, increasing visibility of information including; Training, Certification, Offshore Working Rota’s, and the recent deployment of the Competence module

•The imminent development of a Competence Module for all offshore safety critical roles that fully aligns to IMCA Competence Assurance Frameworks for Diving and OPITO frameworks for deck related work


With the unparalleled growth of Boskalis Subsea Services in the North Sea and globally, Onboard Tracker™ has helped manage and overcome several challenges, allowing the company to manage compliance and assurance with ease.

Dashboard and reporting options offers each user a personalised experience as well as tailoring it for their own function within the business along with Power BI reporting and technology.

With continual upgrades, Onboard Tracker™ is always ahead of the curve to keep Boskalis up to date with new functionality options.

“Nothing comes close to Onboard Tracker™ in terms of operational visibility and efficiency.”

Natalie Carroll, Global Competence & Training Manager, Boskalis Subsea Services

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