Case Study: Global E&C


Global Engineering & Construction (Global E&C) is Scotland’s leading engineering, procurement and construction service provider to the oil and gas industry.

As the only brownfield focused EPC provider to the UKCS, Global E&C is well positioned to support its oil and gas customer base with the essential skills to enhance asset performance and provide the best solutions to help maximise oil recovery and accelerate energy transition.

Onboard Tracker is central to Global E&C’s digitalisation objectives. The single platform has streamlined processes and procedures and allowed the organisation to upgrade from legacy systems and spreadsheets, offering real-time integration with the wider company IT infrastructure.


During an internal systems review, it became clear that several management systems in use across various departments were causing inefficiencies. All were experiencing similar challenges with poor visibility, reporting, duplication of effort, inaccuracies and human error, lost data and failed automation.

Furthermore, Global E&C was in the process of upgrading its company-wide digital operations by rolling out a one stop digital eco-system and was on the look-out for a digital system that would seamlessly integrate with its new software for all 700 employees.


The overhaul of Global E&C’s digital operations in early 2021 was the ideal opportunity to introduce the business to a new and improved way of working.

In the space of just four months, the Onboard Tracker system now supports the workforce to efficiently and accurately track its people, transforming operational visibility, whilst providing onshore and office-based employees with a robust, easy-to-use and informative method to support operations.  Each department uses and experiences Onboard Tracker differently:

The Logistics team now input, track, and administer all crew rotations, absences and holidays on the system to keep people moving around the UK safely and efficiently

The Training division is centrally managing all training matrices, expiries, and related documentation to ensure compliance within the online portal

The Competence department is centrally managing all competence matrices, candidate journeys and assessor/verifier duties.

HR is managing employee contracts, personal information, appraisals and more.


All business systems are digitally connected and aligned on one central platform internally and externally.

Streamlined Processes:  Whilst each department operates their uniquely configured module, all link seamlessly to ensure quick, user-friendly access to the most up to date, accurate information to improve efficiencies across the business.

Supports Secure Home Working: This was of particular benefit throughout the Covid 19 lockdown when the entire workforce worked remotely.

Increased Visibility: All systems are consolidated into one platform and entire workforce access records from home, office, on the rig and when mobile.

Improved Reporting: Provides real-time data allowing efficient and informed decision making to supports improved operational performance.

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