Case Study: Sparrows Group


Sparrows Group, a global service provider to the energy and industrial sectors has been a steadfast user of Onboard Tracker™ since January 2017.  After just one month, the Operations Tracker was rolled out globally, closely followed by the addition of the Certification module later in the year.

Onboard Tracker™ efficiently manages one central pool of global resources and is accessed by all personnel around the world.

Having streamlined operational processes and procedures and to further strengthen forecasting and resourcing, it was identified that Sparrow’s planning process could be integrated into Onboard Tracker™ allowing scoping requirements, fulfilment and mobilisation to be fully managed from one online system.


Triggered by the global pandemic and national lockdowns, with limited central function, consolidation of data or online process for planning and resourcing, the traditional  process for personnel mobilisation requests was no longer fit for purpose.

The process was becoming challenging for remote teams.  With a growing global resource pool of approx. 40 international contracts, all being managed by different teams across the globe, a central system to integrate planning, resourcing and mobilisation was required.  This would not only centralise information online but also improve access to real-time data providing visibility and an efficient resource forecasting tool that delivers clear sight on global resourcing and mobilisation requirements.


The Onboard Tracker™ team worked closely with the Global Head of Training, Competence & Technical Resource to implement the Planning Module ensuring visibility was at the heart of the system.

Functionality was streamlined to automate the resource request process linking directly into a new planning tool which creates detailed and accurate resource plans.

Global scoping requirements, fulfilment and mobilisation could now be planned from one integrated online system which displays all planned and ongoing work rotations including jobs, locations, timing, skills whilst flagging availability, compliance and certification along the way.

Providing real-time forecasting and revenue projection data, the Onboard Tracker™ planning tool has improved processes and maximised decision making to ensure the right person is mobilised to each and every job.

Going live overnight, the planning tool is also flexible to suit changing business needs including added functionality to record COVID-19 vaccines.


The implementation of the Onboard Tracker™ Planning Module has transformed resourcing requests and strengthened the logistics function to keep people moving around the world safely.

Furthermore, along with the system, PowerBI Reports are available to enhance financial reporting providing live dashboards for budgeting resources.

Benefits include:

  • Streamlined efficient online process
  • Improved Communications
  • Increased visibility
  • Improved forecasting and reporting
  • Engineers access accurate data to plan ahead
  • Supports secure home working

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