Case Study: Stena Drilling

Stena Drilling Vessel

Stena Drilling knew an integrated approach to systemising its Crew Planning, Logistics, Training and Competence was paramount. Onboard Tracker™ proved to be the ideal solution.


Stena Drilling are widely recognised across the Energy Sector as a digital leader, a step ahead of their competitors in their digital transformation and harnessing key data insights to better service their global client list.

Onboard Tracker™ has played a pivotal role in supporting Stena Drilling on that journey.

In 2020, Stena Drilling recognised the need to elevate, streamline, and integrate their Crew Management processes and activities. Heightened by the overnight switch to 100% remote working demanded by the Covid-19 pandemic, Stena Drilling acknowledged that the manual, disconnected processes in place were unfit for the purpose of supporting Stena Drilling’s position as a digital leader in the Energy space. Therefore, they reached out to Onboard Tracker™ to commence what is now a truly collaborative, constantly evolving digital partnership.

“Digital transformation at Stena Drilling is about reducing manual administration, automating workflows and providing data to make smarter decisions.”

Ewan Baird, Digital Business Analyst, Stena Drilling


Stena Drilling, a global independent drilling contractor, operating a fleet of 5 ultradeepwater drillships and 2 semisubmersible rigs with over 1,500 employees faced operational challenges stemming from the use of separate systems and reliance on spreadsheets for various crew logistics, training, and personnel data management. To address these issues, a comprehensive integrated system was sought.

Stena Drilling initially deployed crew planning, logistics and training functionalities. Later, in response to challenges outlined by the Operational Team, Onboard Tracker™ developed the system further. A new implementation followed which simplified the booking of training, tracking of expired training, and coordination with crew schedules, enabling the logistics team to plan offshore assignments more effectively. This aligned with a system integration to Stena Drilling’s Training Management Provider to automate the booking of courses and upload of completed training following attendance.

Onboard Tracker™ now connects to Stena Drilling’s Barrier Management System – preventing and mitigating Major Accident Hazards. Safety Critical role compliance is lifted straight from Onboard Tracker™ to form a critical step in mitigating risks and identifying the personnel on board working in those Safety Critical positions.

The latest development introduced a new cohort of personnel to the tool – Offshore Rig Administrators and Safety Officers. The ownership of data and ability to extract, analyse, integrate and report on a variety of KPIs has been empowered by Onboard Tracker™’s Data API Feed. This enables Stena Drilling to extract critical people data and present in their own visualisation platform, alongside data held disconnected from the platform, but compatible in their insights including fuel consumption and asset maintenance.


A connected approach

The collaborative effort between Onboard Tracker™ and Stena Drilling has resulted in a transformative system for Crew Management, rolled out for global implementation across all Stena Drilling vessels, marking a significant stride towards standardisation and optimisation of crew management practices. This joint endeavour highlights Onboard Tracker™’s mission to elevate industry standards in personnel management and enhance the capabilities of maritime operations. Stena Drilling recognises the value of Onboard Tracker™ and intends to expand the benefits to its global operations. Working together to enhance the system for the advancement of the entire industry, Onboard Tracker™ and Stena Drilling are actively shaping the future of crew management technology.


Onboard Tracker™ has eliminated inefficiencies associated with separate systems, substantially reducing manual administrative processes and cost savings. Stena Drilling now benefits from a unified platform that connects crew logistics, training, competence management, and personnel data all in one integrated system.

“By being connected to the rest of the Onboard Tracker™ system with training and competence data, the entire employee lifecycle is almost complete – from hiring to retiring; all in one system.”

Ewan Baird, Digital Business Analyst, Stena Drilling

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