Case Study: UTEC


In August 2021, survey, positioning, and data management specialists, UTEC, a Geo-services brand in Acteon’s Data and Robotics division, was looking to move away from laborious spreadsheets and an outdated manual online system to better manage global workforce planning and personnel logistics.


With limited visibility of regional movements, and clunky, manual forecasting, it was time to put operational visibility at the heart of the business. Onboard Tracker™ provided full control of data, empowered, and connected global operational teams and enabled better informed crewing decisions.


Our Implementation Consultants worked closely with the UTEC Operations & Resourcing team to closely manage the ‘onboarding’ process. As well as streamlining operational and logistics processes and transferring to the new system, the Onboard Tracker™ team also tailored ongoing changing requirements to support challenges caused by Covid-19. This included developing tailored functionality to track global vaccinations, quarantine status and certifications.

Within a matter of weeks, the UTEC teams saw huge operational efficiencies as they transferred to Onboard Tracker™. Tasks which would previously have taken three days, were now achieved in 30 minutes.

“We were so impressed with the demo, Onboard Tracker™ practically sold itself. The software is so efficient that we have stopped using our old spreadsheets and transferred to Onboard Tracker™ completely.”

Gareth Jones, Operations & Resources Manager


Onboard Tracker™ not only delivered a smarter way to track and manage global workforce planning, crewing, training and certification, the software also brought teams together. Teams from the UK, Norway, UAE, Asia, Australasia and Americas were soon connected, and accessing real time data from across the organisation, improving communications and decision making.

Three finance systems were also made redundant as Onboard Tracker™ centralised all financial processes. Additional efficiencies were seen with the workforce gap analysis and planning functionality, not to mention deep visual insights and forecasting dashboards and versatile, accurate reporting capabilities.

With 65 operational users spanning Project Managers, Surveyors, Logistics Personnel and Operations teams, plus a further 170 field users accessing personal data, Onboard Tracker™ has streamlined global operations.

The whole organisation has embraced the new software and the connected team approach, providing real-time, accessible data using one fully integrated system.


From an operational perspective, the implementation of Onboard Tracker™ has delivered a time saving of 25 manhours each month for data entry alone. The easy-to-use, agile software paid for itself within the first year by removing these wasted manhours spent manually creating utilisation reports and allocating resources.

All legacy processes are now consolidated into one software and teams can efficiently track workforce movements and assign the right people to the right jobs with a few clicks of the mouse.

The scalable system has the ability to flexibly evolve and support UTEC’s growing operations and the step change in operations continues to provide efficiencies through improved reporting, visibility and communication across the business.

“Onboard Tracker™ has been a complete game changer for our operations allowing us to focus on proactive strategic improvements instead of being buried in data.”

Gareth Jones, Operations & Resources Manager

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