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Meet Stephen Burrows

Meet Stephen Burrows




Welcome Stephen Burrows, who joins us in the role of PowerBI Developer.

It’s always exciting to learn new technologies and products, and working with Onboard Tracker™ provides fantastic opportunities to get involved with some cutting-edge tech. The strength and breadth of Onboard Tracker™ is very impressive, and I’m excited to really get to know the product, both from a technical side and how it supports our client’s business needs.


Stephen’s role is crucial to the progression of our technology at Solab and Onboard Tracker™.


Joining the Onboard Tracker™ PowerBI Team, Stephen helps empower our users to analyse, realise and visualise their data sets.

Two months in to his new role and one month in to a fabulously busy start to 2023 for the team, Stephen has taken a quick breather to tell us a little more about himself …


What’s your career background?

I’ve worked in the IT industry for the past 20 years (how did that happen!), most lately in IT Manager roles in Aberdeen and Edinburgh. My work experience has given me considerable exposure to a wide range of IT services and technologies in various sectors, including finance, oil & gas and government/public body and alongside traditional IT Manager responsibilities I’ve been lucky enough to be able to indulge my interests in data analysis and business intelligence.


When you were 5 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?


When I was 5, I remember clearly wanting to be an enigmatic helicopter pilot with a mysterious past (thanks Airwolf).


What is the most inspiring part of your job?

Providing solutions and business intelligence that solves real world problems, and making clients lives easier, is always rewarding. Power BI provides a fantastic platform for clients to gain real insights into their data.


What are you most looking forward to in your new role?


We have a terrific team here at Solab and Onboard Tracker™, with incredible experience, passion, and technical knowledge – working day to day with the team is an excellent way to learn. Every day’s a school day!


What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Treat people as you’d want to be treated yourself…an oldie but a goodie.


Thank you Stephen for taking the time to chat with us and letting us dig a little deeper! We can’t wait to see the positive impacts you continue to bring to the team – and our product!

The possibilities really are endless with PowerBI. Whether looking to analyse company-wide headcount statistics, measure utilisation across company divisions, or compare training and competence compliance levels across assets – Onboard Tracker™ PowerBI Module has the answers. Contact us to learn more!

Stay tuned on our ‘News’ page for future updates of what our team get up to.


Onboard Tracker are Exhibiting at Subsea Expo 2022

Onboard Tracker are Exhibiting at Subsea Expo 2022

We are delighted to be exhibiting at Global Underwater Hub’s Subsea Expo event on 22nd-24th February at P&J Live.

With Subsea Expo being the world’s largest exhibition and conference of its kind, it is a crucial event for companies like ourselves who are operating in the underwater sectors.

In the last two years, we have experienced a significant growth in subsea and marine adopters choosing our online hub to centrally manage global Personnel Logistics & Planning, Crew Rotations, Training, Certification, Competence and more.

You will find us on stand 148, right next to our neighbours ATPI (stand 147).  Both our teams recognise the many benefits of collaboration and we have partnered with ATPI to seamlessly transition your offshore crews from ‘Door to Deck’ through integrated Crew and Travel Management.

We are particularly thrilled to see so many of our Subsea Onboard Tracker clients confirmed to attend, and look forward to welcoming you all onto our stand. Make sure to come by to find out about our latest and greatest subsea updates – from vessel planning to saturation diving logs.

See you there!

Get Onboard, Bilfinger UK has!

Get Onboard, Bilfinger UK has!

Get onboard like Bilfinger UK!
Tired of data being everywhere?
Frustrated with duplication of effort, and lack of reporting?
Are your old tracking, operations and certification systems fit purpose?
Onboard Tracker, developed by Solab IT Services is the answer to all your frustrations. Our sophisticated modular portal is used around the world by clients in the energy and maritime industries, helping to keep your workforce safe and assures contractual and HSE compliance.
Scalable and simple to use, Onboard Tracker is a proven all-in-one business tool that puts operational visibility at the heart of your business.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what Stephanie Broadley , Training & Competency Advisor at Bilfinger UK has to say in the video below and discover how Onboard Tracker can get you back in control…

Want to know more? Get in touch today!
Onboard Tracker: Module Walk Throughs

Onboard Tracker: Module Walk Throughs

Onboard Tracker, our revolutionary crew management platform is becoming more and more popular across heavily regulated sectors including energy and marine.  But why has it been so widely adopted?  What is it that makes Onboard Tracker so useful when managing all things people?

It is because, Crew Management is stressful.

Let’s face it, forever changing requirements makes mobilisations challenging.  Ensuring your workforce is trained and competent is challenging.  Last minute resource issues are challenging.  Matrix errors due to data being recorded in multiple places is challenging.   Compliance and tracking certification is challenging.

Well, challenge accepted!

What if we told you that Onboard Tracker takes all these challenges away?

With Onboard Tracker:

  • Data required for real-time forecasting and workforce utilisation reporting is at your fingertips.
  • Resource shortages or compliance issues are visible immediately – it keeps your people moving safely.
  • Communications are improved, and your logistics process is strengthened to ensure you have the right person on the job every time.
  • There will be no more cross referencing between systems and using multiple spreadsheets making the co-ordination of crewing rotations, training matrices and competence a breeze.
  • Your moving personnel can access work rotations and training portfolios themselves through their personal portal.

With Onboard Tracker, everything is connected.  All things people, expertly managed in one robust online system.

We have pulled together some short videos to demonstrate the various modules that make up Onboard Tracker below:


Module 1 – Dashboards

 Every Onboard Tracker user has their own custom dashboard which is completely unique to them.  KPIs for their department are clearly displayed and users are informed and empowered to carry out their operational duties direct from the system.

This includes managing:

  • Expiring employee certification.
  • Outstanding competence assessments.
  • Non-compliances for those due onsite.
  • Available resources.
  • Live jobs.
  • Live POB across all global assets.
  • Company news.

The options are limitless to suit your specific business needs.


Module 2 – Site Management

 Are you responsible for planning or crewing an asset?

 The Onboard Tracker Site Management module provides users with an individual, customised portal for each work site managed by your company around the world.

 This includes digital functionality to:

  • Safely man all assets.
  • Centrally control standard rotations as well as ad-hoc assignments for all employees.
  • Manage emergency response and safety critical role fulfilment.
  • Co-ordinate client scopes of work across all global jobs, projects and contracts.
  • Assign correct cost cedes.
  • Align to the appropriate tax sectors.

Onboard Tracker’s Site Management module, ensures you have the ability to:

  • Right-size your resource pool based on demand.
  • Identify potential resource shortages well in advance.
  • Cover holidays and absences.
  • Assign the right people to the right jobs.

When our Site Management module is combined with wider Onboard Tracker modules, the powerful tool will:

  • Identify the right people for the right assignments based on availability, qualifications, skills, compliance, utilisation and even tax implications.
  • Provide powerful reports for forecasting, revenue, utilisation and helps you to gather valuable management information.





Module 3 – Job Tracker

 Are you responsible for logging, planning or assigning crews to client scopes, jobs or projects?

 The Onboard Tracker Job Tracker module enables users to:

  • Log all global jobs including key commercial data for each job.
  • Plan the scope of work and identify resources required to effectively and safely carry out the job.
  • Integrate with the other system modules to identify the right employee(s) to deliver the work based on their availability, experience, skills, compliance and any other criteria set by the user.
  • Plan and schedule employee movements, log comments, contact employees and notify them of confirmed assignments.
  • View all global jobs with sophisticated filtering options including job type, status, client, site and location.
  • Identify resource shortages or gaps where cover is required due to holiday or illness.




Module 4 – Person Tracker

 Onboard Tracker’s Person Tracker module, helps you to centrally manage the live tracking of all personnel so you have full visibility of where your workforce are right now, where they have been and where they are due to go: 

  • Work Assignments.
  • Training Bookings.
  • Travel Days.
  • Unavailability and more.

Data can be easily filtered and grouped by occupation, team/crew, contract type, department, business unit or entity and individual or multi-select specific employees.

You can drill down deeper into the data for specifics that include the type of activity being conducted, view by project or job code or roles being resourced by employees delivering out with their core contracted role.



Module 5 – Travel

 Generate individual or bulk travel requests for individual employees, crew changes or group travel direct from the Onboard Tracker system. 

We also provide the option and capability to integrate with your Travel Management Company (TMC) for a fully integrated solution.  This means all travel requests can be generated from Onboard Tracker, options and costs are provided by your TMC, accepted or rejected by your internal travel co-ordinators and invoices are imported and highlight any variances between expected and actual travel spend.




Module 6 – Self-Service

 Coming soon….


Module 7 – Certification

 Onboard Tracker provides a single-hub where all company-wide global training matrices can be managed, reported on, reviewed and exported to give a live and accurate picture of the overall cert compliance of the organisation.

This includes:

  • Complex matrix requirements across occupations, clients, sites, jobs, location and more can centrally managed.
  • What-if scenarios can be applied based on upcoming work assignments and what is required.
  • Record multi-skilled personnel and ensure minimum manning levels are maintained at all times.
  • Integrate with the other system modules to identify if your workforce is suitably skilled to deliver the work you have upcoming.
  • Utilise your training data to suggest suitable personnel for upcoming scopes of work.
  • Integrate with your Training Management Company or E-learning providers to book courses and automatically update certs when completed.


Our Certification module saves you time and increases the accuracy of your training data – it will become your single source of truth.



Module 8 – Competence

 Manage the full competence journey from candidate, to assessor, to verifier from one connected system.

Our Competence module provides each user with their own personal competence experience:

  • Candidates can maintain their own Evidence Library.
  • Upload personal Competence Submissions.
  • Chat to assessors and have complete visibility over their Competence progression.
  • Assessors can be notified when Candidates have made submissions, leave feedback on areas of improvements or sign-off if satisfied.
  • Verifiers can also be notified when assessments have been submitted for verification.


Module 9 – HR


Manage your employee’s HR activities from appraisals to issuing documents, generating mail merges or logging emergency contact information.




Module 10 – Timesheeting/Payroll

 Automate your Time Sheeting & Payroll processes by connecting to accurate crewing information held within Onboard Tracker.

 This results in powerful reporting or even full API integrations which mean both internal payroll teams and external payroll companies are provided with accurate, structured and relevant data to efficiently action the payment of all employees.




Module 11 – Reports

 The Onboard Tracker suite of on-system, excel based and PowerBI reports ensures all company data is at your fingertips.

  • Make audits easier by removing the need for manual report creation.
  • Ensure historic data is held for an appropriate duration of time.
  • Forecast and plan more effectively by ensuring your workforce is equipped to deal with future client demand.



If you would like anymore information, then get in contact today!