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Crewing and Cocktails

Crewing and Cocktails

Crewing and Cocktails

Crewing and Cocktails? Put them together and you have the industry’s best User-Forum!

We would like to thank all who gave up their valuable time (and even travelled across countries!) to make it there for what was an incredibly exciting, inspiring and chatter-packed day at ONE Tech Hub on the 22nd of September 2022.

Crewing and Cocktails provided our users a uniquely valuable opportunity to hear and interact with Onboard Tracker’s latest features, but equally help shape its product roadmap – so that together we can ensure that Onboard Tracker remains the best Crew Management, Certification, and Competence platform for Energy, Marine and Renewables.

This event was the second in a series of get-togethers with our Onboard Tracker users to share invaluable insights, ideas and stories on the different ways Onboard Tracker has impacted your organisations–and we must specially thank those who took to the stage to share and encourage their industry peers to do the same. We cannot thank everyone enough for their enthusiasm and participation, making the day so successful.

To kick off the day Kate Synott, Project Manager at Opportunity Northeast provided us with a history of the ONE Tech Hub Building and reminded us of the great work they do at ONE for small business start-ups, growing tech firms and tech talent in the Northeast.

Solab and Onboard Tracker’s Managing Director, Kevin Coll and Business Development Manager, Emily Reid, began our Super-User Workshop by demonstrating Onboard Trackers latest features. Many of you in the room were able share your own success stories of how Onboard has “completely transformed our crewing operations” and “now allows us to focus on proactive strategic improvements rather than being buried in data”.

Following on, from our Implementation Team, Rachael, Tanya and Vicky took to the floor to share their favourite OBT tips and tricks. A behind the scenes peek into Onboard development was provided by our Development Team Lead and QA Manager, Max, and Graeme, the co-founder of OBT and Software Systems Architect. Finally, our data scientist Lynsey shared a highlight reel of our most loved and used PowerBI dashboards and reports.

Our teams are now busier than ever implementing the great ideas and functionality that was shown on the day. We were delighted to see the passion and engagement from clients and the Onboard Tracker team – and a genuine commitment to work together to make sure that Onboard Tracker builds on its position as the “one Crew Management system for our industry”.

The response has been outstanding, and we are delighted to share the following feedback which we have received from the Crewing & Cocktails forum so far:

“The system just keeps developing and we do too along with it.”

“Great content and presentations.”

“Thank you for our invite – it was great to hear more about Onboard Tracker with a lookback at the journey as well as what’s to come as things continue to evolve.”

“No other software does this for their clients.”

Another huge thank you to all our clients who attended and provided this amazing feedback – we cannot advance our systems without your valuable input.

We would also like to extend a massive thank you to One Tech Hub for hosting, ByPlatter for catering and Orchid for supplying delicious cocktails – the favourite of the day being the “No Spreadsheeto Mojito!”

For more information on how Onboard Tracker can help your business, click here.

Meet Louise, Our Software Support Specialist

Meet Louise, Our Software Support Specialist

An interview with Louise, our new Software Support Specialist

Onboard Tracker™ is pleased to welcome Louise to the team as Software Support Specialist. This role is fundamental to the smooth daily running and development of Onboard Tracker™ operations, so we decided to ask her a few questions about her exciting new position…

What attracted you to Onboard Tracker™?

I’ve had a lot of experience using Onboard Tracker™ in my previous role in the Oil & Gas sector and was really impressed with it as a system and how user-friendly and progressive it was. I also had the opportunity to meet and work with the Solab team regularly and was always struck by how efficient, proactive, and positive they were. Onboard Tracker™ is developing at such a rate that when a role became available to join the team, I knew it would be an exciting opportunity too good to miss.

What can you offer to the team?

Not only am I a big fan of Onboard Tracker™, but I also love data, analysis and manipulating it to reach a positive end goal. I also am a keen problem solver and enjoy getting stuck into a variety of projects. I am used to working in fast-paced environments and have strong attention to detail which is key when working with client data. I also love working as part of team – something that Onboard Tracker™ seem to do very well.

What are you excited to learn more about?

I’ve only been here a couple of weeks but already amazed to discover just how much Onboard Tracker™ can do and has to offer! I thought I knew the system inside out, but it turns out I was only scratching the surface. I’m looking forward to exploring the system further, getting to know our range of clients more deeply to better understand how the powerful system is meeting their specific business needs.

The Power BI function also fascinates me – it is impressive to see how the data can perform depending on client requirements.

But what I’m most looking forward to is working with and learning from the awesome team at Onboard Tracker™ – they are so experienced and passionate about what they do that it’s hard not to be inspired every day at work.

I’ve learned so much in the past couple of weeks and I am excited to soak up more!

What achievement are you most proud of?

Something that we probably can all relate to – surviving lockdown! More specifically, surviving working from home while trying to entertain a toddler who was too little to understand why soft play was closed.

Due to constant changes with lockdown regulations, furlough and how it affected the offshore industry my job quickly became just as demanding as my 2-year-old. Luckily predominantly using Onboard Tracker™ as part of my role meant I could work simultaneously from my laptop, phone and iPad (when it wasn’t stuck on CBeebies!). This flexibility eased what was already a very stressful situation and meant I could be more present in both my roles without being stuck behind a desktop for hours on end.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Louise, we are so excited to see the work that you deliver and the value you will bring to the Onboard Tracker™ team.

Stay tuned on our ‘News’ page for future updates of what our team get up to.

Zoe Prentice 6 Month Reflection

Zoe Prentice 6 Month Reflection


Zoe Prentice, our Business Graduate Reflects

Time has certainly flown by recently and Zoe Prentice, our Business Graduate has already completed 6-months of her placement.  Zoe has been a wonderful addition to our team.  She has thrown herself into the role and been involved in some exciting projects and support activities across the business. 

To mark the half-way point, we spent a little time with Zoe to hear first-hand what she feels has been her best achievements within the Solab and Onboard Tracker™ teams, as well as what the next six months look like. 


Tell us what brought you to Solab?

I was fresh out of university and keen to get stuck into a role where I could take my skills and knowledge from university and apply them in a real working environment.    I wanted to be part of a company where I could really make a difference. I was attracted to the Opportunity North East (ONE) Graduate scheme that Solab offered as it was clear I could further my learning alongside full time work.

I have grown up in the generation where technology is a huge part of our everyday lives and I have always been interested in how it shapes and enhances our lives and working practices. Also, since the pandemic, my appreciation and interest in IT grew significantly.

I am from Aberdeen and have always been surrounded by family and friends working across the energy industry so when I knew that Solab had developed a crew management system, Onboard Tracker™, I had the opportunity to combine my enthusiasm for IT with an industry that I was familiar with.   I was also attracted to the fact that Solab is an SME and thought I could benefit from the on-the-job training and development, especially for my first role.


How would you describe your role?

My role is very varied, and every day is different. I have had the opportunity to work in each of the departments within Solab to gain exposure to the positions and operations delivered  throughout  the company. By having that knowledge and seeing first-hand what each person does, I am then assigned project work to support them priorities. Examples of this include finance, client and product research, marketing and business development. My days can vary from attending meetings with clients, participating at industry events or graduate workshops at ONE as well as branding and marketing workshops, and creating proposals and quotes.


What’s your proudest achievement to date at Solab?

My proudest achievement to date was helping to plan and arrange our Crewing & Cocktails User Forum. It was my first time being involved in event management which included sourcing a venue, arranging catering, guest lists and invitations, as well as attending and supporting on the day.  It was a fantastic experience, and I am very proud of myself! We had a wonderful turn out, the atmosphere was extremely positive, and we received excellent feedback, making all the stress and hard work worth it!


Tell us a little about you.  What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

When I am not working, I enjoy eating out at local restaurants, as well as working on my wee food blog and spending time with my friends, family and two dogs.


What is something the team may not know about you?

10 years ago I was on a CBBC TV show called ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ with my German Shepherd x Beagle called Molly. I got trained by a professional dog trainer how to teach my dog maths!


What are your future goals with Solab?

Looking to the future, I hope to continue to learn and develop by increasing my responsibilities. I hope to achieve this by showing motivation and enthusiasm, supporting the team by always getting involved, working hard, and taking initiative.  I would like to confidently deliver client demos of Onboard Tracker™ system as well as continue to build, strengthen, and maintain customer relationships and starting new ones to ensure they are getting the most out of our impressive system.


A big thanks to Zoe for all her hard work and continued efforts.  It has been extremely rewarding watching Zoe develop skills in multiple areas of the business – she certainly has a bright future ahead! 

TEDxAberdeen 2022

TEDxAberdeen 2022

TEDxAberdeen 2022

Solab and Onboard Tracker™ were honoured to support TEDxAberdeen again this year and get the chance to be part of the most popular talks of all time, right here in Aberdeen. 

TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’.   What started as a four-day conference in California 30 years ago, has since grown to support its mission with multiple global initiatives. The success of the organisation is astonishing, some TED speakers have included big names including Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert and Sir Richard Branson.

TEDx is a program of local, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience, where x = independently organised TED event.  TEDxAberdeen launched in 2021 and the main goal of is to inspire through the sharing of ideas, spark deep conversations and foster meaningful connections.

TEDxAberdeen 2022 saw the theme of “Movement” grace the stage.  Ten speakers covered a diverse range of topics including:

  • Social acceptance and inclusion
  • Racism
  • Keeping language alive
  • Resistance to change
  • Re-thinking values
  • Societal conditioning

Each speaker shared their interpretation of the ‘Movement’ theme, which made the day all the more interesting.  

As a progressive technology and software specialist and IT support provider, we are always “moving” forward.  We never stand still and never leave our clients behind, so the day deeply resonated with us on many levels.  

The talented guest speakers took to the “red dot” on Saturday 12th November to deliver their powerful, emotive, and inspirational stories and truly ‘moved’ the room.  Each person took away something different, which is what TEDx is all about. 

We heard from:

  • Dr Aileen Alexander and her talk on “The Best Diet for Weight Loss”.
  • Alex Whyte and her talk on the “Career Mother Gear”.
  • Del Redvers and his talk on “How your Hypocrisy Can Help to Save Humanity”.
  • Eric Doyle and his talk on how “Passion Will Get You Moving”.
  • Fraser Hay and his talk on “From Human Being to Human Becoming”.
  • Katie Forbes and her talk on how “Autism is a Difference, not a Disorder”.
  • Lauren Hay and her talk on “Is Doric Dying?”.
  • Lyly Fong and her talk “Beyond the Chinese Takeaway”.
  • Zoe Morrison and her talk on “Why We Say People Don’t Like Change”.
  • Sarah Rochester and her talk “We Don’t Need a Reason”.

 Kevin Coll, Managing Director, Emily Reid, Business Development Manager and Business Graduate, Zoe Prentice, were in the audience and were left hugely uplifted by each and every speaker, their stories and views of the world.

Emily said: “I took so much from the day personally – each speaker delivered their messages so eloquently and powerfully, and as a frequent Ted Talk listener I love how each audience member can relate in their own way to the stories told and have that little lightbulb moment of identifying small ways we can continue to better ourselves”.

A huge congratulations to all speakers, organisers, sponsors, partners, and the wider business community for coming together to bring ideas to light and create an empowering and inspirational afternoon.

Case Study: UTEC

Case Study: UTEC


In August 2021, survey, positioning, and data management specialists, UTEC, a Geo-services brand in Acteon’s Data and Robotics division, was looking to move away from laborious spreadsheets and an outdated manual online system to better manage global workforce planning and personnel logistics.


With limited visibility of regional movements, and clunky, manual forecasting, it was time to put operational visibility at the heart of the business. Onboard Tracker™ provided full control of data, empowered, and connected global operational teams and enabled better informed crewing decisions.


Our Implementation Consultants worked closely with the UTEC Operations & Resourcing team to closely manage the ‘onboarding’ process. As well as streamlining operational and logistics processes and transferring to the new system, the Onboard Tracker™ team also tailored ongoing changing requirements to support challenges caused by Covid-19. This included developing tailored functionality to track global vaccinations, quarantine status and certifications.

Within a matter of weeks, the UTEC teams saw huge operational efficiencies as they transferred to Onboard Tracker™. Tasks which would previously have taken three days, were now achieved in 30 minutes.

“We were so impressed with the demo, Onboard Tracker™ practically sold itself. The software is so efficient that we have stopped using our old spreadsheets and transferred to Onboard Tracker™ completely.”
Gareth Jones, Operations & Resources Manager


Onboard Tracker™ not only delivered a smarter way to track and manage global workforce planning, crewing, training and certification, the software also brought teams together. Teams from the UK, Norway, UAE, Asia, Australasia and Americas were soon connected, and accessing real time data from across the organisation, improving communications and decision making.

Three finance systems were also made redundant as Onboard Tracker™ centralised all financial processes. Additional efficiencies were seen with the workforce gap analysis and planning functionality, not to mention deep visual insights and forecasting dashboards and versatile, accurate reporting capabilities.

With 65 operational users spanning Project Managers, Surveyors, Logistics Personnel and Operations teams, plus a further 170 field users accessing personal data, Onboard Tracker™ has streamlined global operations.

The whole organisation has embraced the new software and the connected team approach, providing real-time, accessible data using one fully integrated system.


From an operational perspective, the implementation of Onboard Tracker™ has delivered a time saving of 25 manhours each month for data entry alone. The easy-to-use, agile software paid for itself within the first year by removing these wasted manhours spent manually creating utilisation reports and allocating resources.

All legacy processes are now consolidated into one software and teams can efficiently track workforce movements and assign the right people to the right jobs with a few clicks of the mouse.

The scalable system has the ability to flexibly evolve and support UTEC’s growing operations and the step change in operations continues to provide efficiencies through improved reporting, visibility and communication across the business.

“Onboard Tracker™ has been a complete game changer for our operations allowing us to focus on proactive strategic improvements instead of being buried in data.”
Gareth Jones, Operations & Resources Manager

Click here to download the case study

We are attending OGV Energy’s the Data-Driven Energy Transition Event! 

We are attending OGV Energy’s the Data-Driven Energy Transition Event! 

We are attending OGV Energy’s the Data-Driven Energy Transition Event!

The event will take place on the 28th of April at TECA focussing on how data-driven strategies and implementation of new technologies are advancing the energy sector towards a more sustainable future.

The team look forward to the discussions and debate from industry leaders regarding how the energy sector should utilise data and technology in preparation for the transformation to zero-carbon industry by 2050.

Onboard Tracker offers paperless, cost-effective crew management via a cloud-hosted platform – significantly reducing the number of on-prem servers required to power our client’s operations and reducing carbon emissions between 30-90% per user (according to a recent Accenture survey).

As energy sector leading software, we pride ourselves on our commitment to a greener future and with a recent focus on ESG reporting – it’s clear our clients feel the same.

Find us on stand 20 and see how Onboard Tracker can transform your crew management – there might even be a prize up for grabs

To find out more about the event click 👉 https://bit.ly/3Oh2zeD