Client Success Story – Global E&C

How many systems does it take you to track your mobile workforce? 

"There's really no way I would be able to do what I do every day without Onboard Tracker."
Robyn Graydon
Offshore Resourcing Advisor, Global E&C

Global E&C, Scotland’s leading engineering and construction firm in the oil and gas sector, aimed to enhance asset performance and drive energy transition.

They faced challenges with inefficient management systems and needed a unified solution for their 700-strong workforce. Onboard Tracker™ emerged as the answer, revolutionising workforce management in just four months. From logistics to HR, each department found tailored solutions within Onboard Tracker™, leading to streamlined processes and increased efficiency. The system proves invaluable work arrangements and date visibility, empowering informed decision-making and driving operational performance to new heights.

In essence, Onboard Tracker™ exceeded Global E&C’s expectations, serving as the linchpin in their digitalisation journey and laying the foundation for continued success in the oil and gas industry.

We sat down with Fraser Grant, Leigh Ann Park, Leanne Robb and Robyn Graydon to hear about their experience using Onboard Tracker™. Watch the video below to learn how Onboard Tracker™ empowered the Global E&C team.

Download and read the full written case study here.

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