Competence Module: One on One

Headshot of Vicky Andrews , Onboard Trackers competence lead wearing a blue dress in front of a Solab IT services pop up banner,

Since returning from maternity leave in 2021, our recently promoted Competence Lead, Vicky Andrew, has dedicated time and efforts to refining and enhancing the Competence Module. Her dedication and passion for improving the functionalities of Onboard Tracker™ has put a key focus on aligning it with clients’ needs and adapting to the dynamic industry changes. In this blog, Vicky shares insights into her new role, but also gives us some more details on the exciting new features and developments of the module and provides a sneak peek at upcoming updates.

Here is what our competence lead had to say…

While the Competence Module has been an integral part of the Onboard Tracker™ software, like any module in our system, it evolves with the growing demands of our users. And the Onboard Tracker™ team is here to deliver.

Extensive research has been conducted on competence across the industry collaborating with clients and industry professionals, aiming to bridge gaps with the new software updates. Ann McRobb, a renowned training, and competency specialist played a pivotal role by offering practical, industry-relevant advice that we incorporated into our research and subsequent module enhancements.

As a response to client needs, research insights, and feedback, we announced new module enhancements with the latest addition being the Competence Quiz. This innovative feature includes 10 questions displayed randomly to candidates which ensures information security, simplifies the assessment process, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances e-learning. A win-win for both the assessor and the candidate.

Over the years, my main challenge involved tailoring the system to meet the diverse needs of the wide scope of Onboard Tracker™ clients. However, through research and optimisation testing, we have addressed these concerns. Looking ahead, this module is obtaining a new revalidation competence feature, further streamlining competence tracking processes. Watch this space to find out about the new development first.

Onboard Tracker™ ongoing partnerships and integrations with major Competence providers enable the automatic recording of in-person and e-learning training course completions within the system. This ensures clients have a centralised source for all Training and Competency data, irrespective of the providers they use.

The integration of Power BI reports is a notable advancement, offering technology-driven intelligence to visualise data and business analytics. This feature empowers data-driven decision-making and accommodates diverse competence management approaches. This module has eliminated the need for reliance on spreadsheets, providing one integrated online system to track competence.

Competence isn’t a standalone function. It collaborates with operational elements to ensure mobile workforces are safe, compliant and selected appropriately for projects, rotations, and work scopes.

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