Delivering the future
of crew management.

Built for industry by industry, our fully integrated crew management software tracks tens of thousands of people and crew changes around the world every day.

The first-class software maximises workforce utilisation of on and offshore mobile crews from core crew to project and ad hoc movements for enhanced personnel management.

Onboard Tracker™ keeps your people safe, compliant, and informed.

Our online hub for integrated crew management delivers full control of your data, empowers and connects operational teams and enables better informed crew decisions. Putting operational visibility at the heart of your business, Onboard Tracker™ is revolutionising industry standards across Energy, Renewables and Marine working environments.

Modular web-based software.

Onboard Tracker™ modules seamlessly integrate with your company systems and data sources to consolidate operations and optimise workforce planning.  Customisable to your company requirements, core modules include:

All managed in one powerfully connected system.

Onboard Tracker™ is a world class crew management system that delivers connected crewing and a connected workforce.

Shaping crewing industry standards.

Ongoing collaboration with clients, partners and crewing providers is not only shaping the software roadmap, but also solving real crewing challenges and shaping crewing industry standards. 

Onboard Tracker™ works in partnership with industry bodies and service providers including Training, Travel, Payroll and Taxation specialists, delivering slick API connectivity to ensure all corporate systems are connected – enabling quick, accurate and proactive crewing decisions.

Software as a Service.

Onboard Tracker™ is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform meaning there are no upfront capital costs or license fees as with traditional software systems. Onboard Tracker™ is a monthly subscription model based on the number of modules selected and number of users accessing the system – not the number of records held.


Integrating people, process and data. Providing end to end visibility.


The software that grows with you. Shaping your strategic roadmap, unlocking efficiencies.


Software that never stands still. A customer driven journey constantly advancing crew management.


Solving real industry problems.
Shaping industry standards.