Crewing and Cocktails

Crewing and Cocktails? Put them together and you have the industry’s best User-Forum!

We would like to thank all who gave up their valuable time (and even travelled across countries!) to make it there for what was an incredibly exciting, inspiring and chatter-packed day at ONE Tech Hub on the 22nd of September 2022.

Crewing and Cocktails provided our users a uniquely valuable opportunity to hear and interact with Onboard Tracker’s latest features, but equally help shape its product roadmap – so that together we can ensure that Onboard Tracker remains the best Crew Management, Certification, and Competence platform for Energy, Marine and Renewables.

This event was the second in a series of get-togethers with our Onboard Tracker users to share invaluable insights, ideas and stories on the different ways Onboard Tracker has impacted your organisations–and we must specially thank those who took to the stage to share and encourage their industry peers to do the same. We cannot thank everyone enough for their enthusiasm and participation, making the day so successful.

To kick off the day Kate Synott, Project Manager at Opportunity Northeast provided us with a history of the ONE Tech Hub Building and reminded us of the great work they do at ONE for small business start-ups, growing tech firms and tech talent in the Northeast.

Solab and Onboard Tracker’s Managing Director, Kevin Coll and Business Development Manager, Emily Reid, began our Super-User Workshop by demonstrating Onboard Trackers latest features. Many of you in the room were able share your own success stories of how Onboard has “completely transformed our crewing operations” and “now allows us to focus on proactive strategic improvements rather than being buried in data”.

Following on, from our Implementation Team, Rachael, Tanya and Vicky took to the floor to share their favourite OBT tips and tricks. A behind the scenes peek into Onboard development was provided by our Development Team Lead and QA Manager, Max, and Graeme, the co-founder of OBT and Software Systems Architect. Finally, our data scientist Lynsey shared a highlight reel of our most loved and used PowerBI dashboards and reports.

Our teams are now busier than ever implementing the great ideas and functionality that was shown on the day. We were delighted to see the passion and engagement from clients and the Onboard Tracker team – and a genuine commitment to work together to make sure that Onboard Tracker builds on its position as the “one Crew Management system for our industry”.

The response has been outstanding, and we are delighted to share the following feedback which we have received from the Crewing & Cocktails forum so far:

“The system just keeps developing and we do too along with it.”

“Great content and presentations.”

“Thank you for our invite – it was great to hear more about Onboard Tracker with a lookback at the journey as well as what’s to come as things continue to evolve.”

“No other software does this for their clients.”

Another huge thank you to all our clients who attended and provided this amazing feedback – we cannot advance our systems without your valuable input.

We would also like to extend a massive thank you to One Tech Hub for hosting, ByPlatter for catering and Orchid for supplying delicious cocktails – the favourite of the day being the “No Spreadsheeto Mojito!”

For more information on how Onboard Tracker can help your business, click here.

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