Feature Update – Available People

NEW Dashboard to quickly identify personnel available for work

Onboard Tracker has always quickly and accurately identified personnel who are “Available” to work, i.e. not working, on holiday, on leave or marked as unavailable.  The Onboard Tracker team is always looking for handy functionality to continue improving how our users work so thought we would make the act of returning a list of “Available” personnel just that little bit slicker.

Enterprise users can now opt to switch on a new dashboard widget titled exactly that – “Available People”.

For recruiting, logistics, scheduling and planning teams, a live dashboard is available to quickly identify available crew, filtered by Position/Team/Contract Type and more:

Simply set the time period for the dates required, and use the configurable filters to drill down your results.

Looking for a Chief Engineer available on the 19th of January 2021?

You have 3 people to pick from!   Select their profiles to:

  • Review training portfolios, experience, last worked dates, next worked dates etc.
  • Directly contact the employee via their elected contact details
  • Assign the work and begin organising travel, documentation etc.

Easy as ABC!

For more information on how Onboard Tracker efficiently manages your mobile workforce, get in touch and our team will be delighted to arrange a short demo.

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