Feature Update – Movement Status

Highlighting personnel non-compliances

We are pleased to share our latest feature update which has been rolled out to all operational trackers.  The new functionality highlights any employees who are planned in or confirmed for any work assignments, where they may be non-compliant, due to missing, expired, or expiring certification.

Certification refers to any or all Training Course Certificates, Visa’s, Competence Assessments and/or Medical Documentation ensuring your assigned personnel have all the relevant certification in place as part of their movement status.

You can continue to plan and assign people to work.  The new feature simply highlights any certification that must be attained, renewed, or addressed before work commences.

The visual alert, appears on the operational trackers, displaying a red circle to emphasize a potential non-compliance:

By clicking into a work assignment containing a red warning circle, the user can review the specific items that need to be booked or marked as not required for this assignment, in order to make the employee concerned compliant.

The user then has the option to enter the employee’s profile to review, plan and update the employee’s Training & Certification portfolio as required.

As and when the Certificates are renewed/attained – the red circle will reduce and ultimately disappear when full compliance is achieved.

Our Enterprise Users of may also review Movement Status across the company via a dashboard widget on their homepage.

Options to filter by worksite, team, occupation, date and more are available.

For more information on how Onboard Tracker efficiently manages workforce certification and compliance, get in touch and our team will be delighted to arrange a short demo.

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