Feature Update – Quick Access to Employee Profile Pages

Onboard Tracker is designed to be slick, efficient, and intelligent, so we are always developing functionality that adds value and continues to improve user experience.

We want to take away mundane tasks and ensure you use Onboard Tracker with ease.  We are pleased to introduce our latest feature update:

‘Quick access to employee profile pages from the person register’

The new feature saves time and lets users check information quickly by running through multiple personnel profiles from a single screen.

Here’s how it works…

Using the ellipsis to the beginning of each employee record on the profile, you can now open up key employee pages from their profiles – whilst still remaining on the person register.

Options include:

Viewing summary pages to see where the employee is right now, any upcoming trips they have scheduled or any holidays or training bookings approaching.

View their calendar to update their crew change date.

View their training and certification profile to update expiring certs.

Enter into their competence page to review a new assessor comment.

To see just how efficient Onboard Tracker can make your team, request a demo with our team today. We’d be delighted to give you a virtual tour

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