Feature Update – Training Rules

Create Training Rules for complex Training Matrices

Onboard Tracker now includes a new feature to provide users with added flexibility when it comes to managing complex training matrices.  The added functionality helps ensure reports are accurate with any nuances effectively and efficiently captured.

The latest feature allows users to edit matrices and create training rules including ‘what-if’ scenarios to ensure data is as accurate as possible.    This helps users to measure compliance across the workforce and allow specific matrices to be generated direct from Onboard Tracker.  The new functionality also includes a search function to generate a list of personnel holding specific mobilisation certification.

Here are a few example complex scenarios:

  1. Certification is obtained by completing one of a number of training courses (i.e. employee must attain 1 out of 3 optional courses)
  2. Multiple courses need to be completed before certification is attained
  3. Employees have different requirements:
    1. Occupation
    2. Client
    3. Site
    4. Regional
    5. Job

These can all be managed centrally on the system.

For more information on how Onboard Tracker efficiently manages complex training matrices, get in touch and our team will be delighted to arrange a short demo.

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