Get Onboard, Bilfinger UK has!

Get onboard like Bilfinger UK!

Tired of data being everywhere?

Frustrated with duplication of effort, and lack of reporting?

Are your old tracking, operations and certification system’s fit purpose?

Onboard Tracker, developed by Solab IT Services is the answer to all your frustrations. Our sophisticated modular portal is used around the world by clients in the energy and maritime industries, helping to keep your workforce safe and assures contractual and HSE compliance.

Scalable and simple to use, Onboard Tracker is a proven all-in-one business tool that puts operational visibility at the heart of your business. Don’t take our word for it. Hear what Stephanie Broadley, Training & Competency Advisor at Bilfinger UK has to say in the video below and discover how Onboard Tracker can get you back in control…

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