Meet Louise, Our Software Support Specialist

An interview with Louise, our new Software Support Specialist

Onboard Tracker™ is pleased to welcome Louise to the team as Software Support Specialist. This role is fundamental to the smooth daily running and development of Onboard Tracker™ operations, so we decided to ask her a few questions about her exciting new position…

What attracted you to Onboard Tracker™?

I’ve had a lot of experience using Onboard Tracker™ in my previous role in the Oil & Gas sector and was really impressed with it as a system and how user-friendly and progressive it was. I also had the opportunity to meet and work with the Solab team regularly and was always struck by how efficient, proactive, and positive they were. Onboard Tracker™ is developing at such a rate that when a role became available to join the team, I knew it would be an exciting opportunity too good to miss.

What can you offer to the team?

Not only am I a big fan of Onboard Tracker™, but I also love data, analysis and manipulating it to reach a positive end goal. I also am a keen problem solver and enjoy getting stuck into a variety of projects. I am used to working in fast-paced environments and have strong attention to detail which is key when working with client data. I also love working as part of team – something that Onboard Tracker™ seem to do very well.

What are you excited to learn more about?

I’ve only been here a couple of weeks but already amazed to discover just how much Onboard Tracker™ can do and has to offer! I thought I knew the system inside out, but it turns out I was only scratching the surface. I’m looking forward to exploring the system further, getting to know our range of clients more deeply to better understand how the powerful system is meeting their specific business needs.

The Power BI function also fascinates me – it is impressive to see how the data can perform depending on client requirements.

But what I’m most looking forward to is working with and learning from the awesome team at Onboard Tracker™ – they are so experienced and passionate about what they do that it’s hard not to be inspired every day at work.

I’ve learned so much in the past couple of weeks and I am excited to soak up more!

What achievement are you most proud of?

Something that we probably can all relate to – surviving lockdown! More specifically, surviving working from home while trying to entertain a toddler who was too little to understand why soft play was closed.

Due to constant changes with lockdown regulations, furlough and how it affected the offshore industry my job quickly became just as demanding as my 2-year-old. Luckily predominantly using Onboard Tracker™ as part of my role meant I could work simultaneously from my laptop, phone and iPad (when it wasn’t stuck on CBeebies!). This flexibility eased what was already a very stressful situation and meant I could be more present in both my roles without being stuck behind a desktop for hours on end.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Louise, we are so excited to see the work that you deliver and the value you will bring to the Onboard Tracker™ team.

Stay tuned on our ‘News’ page for future updates of what our team get up to.

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