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Onboard Tracker secures finalist place at this year’s Offshore Achievement Awards

Onboard Tracker secures finalist place at this year’s Offshore Achievement Awards

Exciting news! We have been announced as a finalist in this year’s SPE Aberdeen Offshore Achievement Awards (OAAs) in the category of Digital Innovation.

Solab’s Onboard Tracker™ software has led a digital revolution for clients such as Subsea 7, Sparrows, Boskalis and Ponticelli PBS who now use the online hub to manage Global Personnel Logistics & Planning, Crew Rotations, Training, Certification and Competence.

Onboard Tracker™ has become a leading light in the North East’s Digital Workforce initiatives and helps keep tens of thousands of energy workers trained, competent and safe in their daily activities when attending over 70% of the manned rigs in the UKCS and in over 50 countries. 

The Solab team is thrilled to be recognised for its dedication and commitment to the development and advancement of the company’s revolutionary Onboard Tracker™ software.

Now in its 35th year, the OAA reward innovative technologies and growth in companies both large and small, as well as significant contributions of individuals within the industry. The prestigious awards, which received a record number of nominations this year, give recognition to the achievements of those who go above and beyond across the energy sector.

Kevin Coll, Managing Director, said:

“To secure a place in the finals of the Offshore Achievement Awards is absolutely fantastic news and is testament to how diligently we have worked to keep Solab and Onboard Tracker™ at the heart of the fastest growing sector in Scotland.

“The digital tech industry is experiencing an undercurrent of change as more and more companies prioritise the use of digital technology to transform the way they operate.

“I would like to thank the Onboard Tracker™ team for the hard work, passion and enthusiasm that enables us to always deliver an exceptional service for our clients as we strive to lead the way in this new digital age.”

The SPE Aberdeen Offshore Achievement Awards (OAA), is the biggest and longest established oil, gas and renewables industry awards for the UK offshore energy sector, covering all aspects from supply to upstream operations and offshore renewables.

Launching a new Onboard Tracker Planning Module

Launching a new Onboard Tracker Planning Module

We are delighted to introduce our latest software development, our Onboard Tracker ‘Planning Module’ – the personnel logistics and planning system you have been waiting for…

Let’s face it, crew changes and mobilisations are challenging.

Ensuring your workforce is trained and competent is challenging.

Having visibility to resolve hidden resource issues is challenging.

Well, challenge accepted!

Now you can plan and forecast like a boss with Onboard Tracker.

Our Planning Module will help you ensure your workforce is trained and competent as well as having the visibility to resolve hidden resource issues.

Imagine, no more cross referring between systems.  No spreadsheets.  No time wasted with emails and calls.

Watch our short video below, and see how our leading online solution connects your planning operations across your business, providing real-time forecasting and data at your fingertips.


Get in touch today to schedule a demo and experience our future proof planning system that is already transforming logistics to keep people moving safely.

Case study: PBS Offshore

Case study: PBS Offshore

PBS Offshore (PBS) a consortium of the Ponticelli, Brand and Semco companies was launched in Aberdeen in May 2020 and secured the Total TEPUK contract for General Maintenance & Operations across seven on and offshore assets in the UKCS with almost 1,000 personnel.

Using Onboard Tracker™, PBS Offshore has now streamlined processes and procedures across the consortium to provide a single platform to manage all offshore operations, personnel logistics, competency, certification, training and HR, ensuring the safety and compliance of its workforce. Read more below….



PBS Offshore (PBS) a consortium of the Ponticelli, Brand and Semco companies was launched in Aberdeen during 2020 and secured the Total TEPUK contract for a large number of rigs and almost 1,000 personnel. Using Onboard Tracker™, Solab streamlined processes and procedures across the consortium to provide a single platform to manage all offshore operations, personnel logistics, competency, certification, training and HR, ensuring the safety and compliance of its workforce.


TEPUK had been using five separate incumbent suppliers across their assets.

The PBS award consequently required a huge data transfer from TEPUK and wider incumbent suppliers to improve visibility, consolidate reporting and reduce duplication of effort, inaccuracies and human error – not to mention the consolidation of all personal data for employees and new recruits within PBS.

Several different management systems were in use across various departments in each company and all were experiencing frustratingly similar challenges with legacy systems and a multitude of spreadsheets that were no longer fit for purpose.


The transition to the PBS consortium was an opportunity to introduce a new and improved way of working.  The Onboard Tracker™ system now supports PBS to efficiently and accurately track its people, has transformed operational visibility, whilst also providing onshore and office-based employees with a robust, easy-to-use and informative system to support operations.

All PBS departments use and experience Onboard Tracker™ differently:

  • The Logistics team now input, track, and administer all crew rotations, absences, holidays and outputs to payroll on the system.
  • The Training division is centrally managing all training matrices, expiries, and related documentation to ensure compliance within the online portal.
  • Likewise, the Competence department is centrally managing all competence matrices, candidate journeys and assessor/verifier duties within Onboard Tracker™.
  • HR is managing employee contracts, personal information, appraisals and more.


The implementation of Onboard Tracker™ in the PBS transition has aided and enabled the company to bring its three entities into one organisational structure and keep their workforce safe, well trained and competent.

Streamlined Processes:  Whilst each department operates their uniquely configured module, all link seamlessly to ensure quick, user friendly access to the most up to date, accurate information to improve efficiencies across the business.

Increased Visibility: All previous systems are now consolidated into one platform with all of the workforce able to access their records from home, office, on the rig and when mobile.

Improved Reporting: The user-friendly system provides real-time data allowing efficient and informed decision making which supports improved operational performance.

Click here to download the case study.

An interview with Laura Scott, our newly promoted Software Support Consultant

An interview with Laura Scott, our newly promoted Software Support Consultant

It seems like only yesterday Laura Scott joined the Solab team to deliver Implementation Support, and she quickly proved to be a fundamental member of our team. Nine months later, and Laura has been promoted to ‘Software Support Consultant’ where she will continue to thrive and act as a key focal point for our clients.

To mark her promotion and upcoming 1-year anniversary, we asked Laura a few questions to reflect on her Solab journey so far….


  1. This time last year you had just joined Solab to deliver Implementation Support. Tell us about your first year?

What can I say? It has been an absolute whirlwind! Working from home has been a culture shock for me in all honestly. I am a lover of the morning routine, commuting to work and grabbing my much needed take out coffee and bagel.  So not being able to do this has been very strange. I really am looking forward to meeting everyone in the office properly when we can do that safely – we have certainly been through a lot together and have lots to discuss!


  1. You have recently been promoted to ‘Software Support Consultant’, tell us a little about your new role?

 My new role sits between the implementation and development team, acting as a conduit to ensure clear communication during a variety of weely meetings including sprint planning and new feature developments. I manage DevOps for the team and ensure everything is organised into Sprints helping to increase visibility and strengthen communication channels. I am still working with clients, mainly on the training and competence side, and I really enjoy bringing them ‘onboard’ and ensuring we continue to deliver unique solutions to improve their business challenges.


  1. What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

 I honestly never thought in a million years that I would be where I am, but I feel like I am completely on the right path.  I have been steered in the right direction and really looking forward to further enhancing communication between the teams and helping to implement more product focused conversations to see how we can continue advancing Onboard Tracker, increasing value through value laden discussions and generate ideas by using the power of the voices of our extremely creative and proactive team.


  1. What has been your greatest achievement / proudest moment so far?

 Every day is an achievement for me as I really feel like I am developing myself by learning new skills and undertaking my own research to understand things better in this new industry that I have grown to love very quickly. Being a ‘woman in tech’ is opening so many doors for me already!


  1. How to do you keep that ‘work / life’ balance?

 At the moment, I am studying for my Masters in Human Resource Management, so I seem to be constantly at my desk getting through some tough exams and coursework. You can also regularly see me out on a hike or run or praying to get back into the gym so I can lift proper weights again – my sad looking 10kg battered kettlebell isn’t quite cutting it!

 Aside from this, I would usually be spending most of my time on the stage or playing in the band pit which has been impossible for the past year, but I am super excited to get back to doing what I love very soon.


  1. What is the greatest working challenge you have faced this year, and how have you overcome it?

 I found my way to Onboard Tracker by being made redundant. As a career focused individual, this definitely threw me at the start of the global pandemic – I was terrified and experiencing a lot of worry and stress. I think it shows a lot about a person on how they handle difficult situations in their life.  The day after I was made redundant, I was up and looking for a new role immediately. Amazingly, with just one post on LinkedIn I was reconnected with Emily Reid, who I had met at an Onboard Tracker conference (Crewing and Canapes) where I attended as a client, and she signposted the way to a new opening within the Onboard Tracker team. I will always be so grateful to Emily for reaching out to me that day as I would not be where I am today without her guidance. As one door closes, another one opens!


  1. Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

 Developing and strengthening our current processes in order to make the product the best it can be by adding value for our clients. I am committed to progressing in the world of software. I really like to continually better myself and ensure I am at the top of my game, so I will be taking every piece of feedback on board to provide a better work experience for myself and the wider team.

I also really hope to be back at the theatre, fingers crossed! I would also really appreciate it if we could travel again because I really need some vitamin D in my life – I’m turning into Casper the ghost over here…


  1. What do you enjoy most about working at Solab?

It is so encouraging to work in an environment where you feel like you fit in and your opinion really matters. That’s one thing I love about Solab and the Onboard Tracker team, your voice is always welcomed and heard which is very unique. Kevin and Graeme are particularly good at recognising your strengths and pushing you do be the best you can be which is amazing.  I genuinely feel like I have created strong relationships with everyone, and it is the most supportive work environment I have ever worked in.  Everyone wants to do well and most importantly, everyone is so driven to produce the desired end result, my kind of people with great team spirit!


  1. If you could give advice to yourself one year ago, what would it be?

 Life is tough just now and challenges will continue to be thrown at you from every angle.  But stay resilient as ever, keep going and persevere, because everything always works out in the end.  Things are never as bad as they seem. 


Onboard Tracker sponsors Energy Voice Virtual Tech Showcase 2021

Onboard Tracker sponsors Energy Voice Virtual Tech Showcase 2021

We are proud Partner Sponsor at the forthcoming Energy Voice Virtual Tech Showcase digital showcase on Tuesday 23rd February.

The event will bring together a global audience of industry leaders and forward-thinking IT services and technology companies that are transforming the oilfield and energy mix as we know it.

Our Managing Director, Kevin Coll, will be discussing “The Future of Offshore Workforce Operations” and showcasing our revolutionary crew management software, Onboard Tracker which is supporting global energy and marine clients around the world to evolve their systems, so they thrive in a fast-paced, changing world.

The virtual tech showcase takes place over two days between Tuesday 23rd – Friday 24th February and will feature a series of presentations, technology demonstrations, Live audience Q&A, roundtable sessions as well as virtual booths and online networking opportunities.

Kevin commented:

“We are excited to sponsor the Energy Voice Virtual Tech Showcase 2021 and join industry leaders and like-minded professionals on a virtual stage to present a range of impressive technologies that are transforming the energy sector.  Events like these highlights just how far the industry has come with digital transformation strategies and adopting new technology to deeply influence business performance in the changing world we face.”

Get ready for a digital future and sign up to join Kevin and other industry leaders for the online event today.

Feature Update – Training Rules

Feature Update – Training Rules

Create Training Rules for complex Training Matrices

Onboard Tracker now includes a new feature to provide users with added flexibility when it comes to managing complex training matrices.  The added functionality helps ensure reports are accurate with any nuances effectively and efficiently captured.

The latest feature allows users to edit matrices and create training rules including ‘what-if’ scenarios to ensure data is as accurate as possible.    This helps users to measure compliance across the workforce and allow specific matrices to be generated direct from Onboard Tracker.  The new functionality also includes a search function to generate a list of personnel holding specific mobilisation certification.

Here are a few example complex scenarios:

  1. Certification is obtained by completing one of a number of training courses (i.e. employee must attain 1 out of 3 optional courses)
  2. Multiple courses need to be completed before certification is attained
  3. Employees have different requirements:
    1. Occupation
    2. Client
    3. Site
    4. Regional
    5. Job

These can all be managed centrally on the system.

Onboard Tracker feature

Onboard Tracker Feature 4

For more information on how Onboard Tracker efficiently manages complex training matrices, get in touch and our team will be delighted to arrange a short demo.