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Boskalis Subsea Ltd gets Onboard!

Getting Onboard!

Boskalis Subsea Ltd have just signed up for Solab’s Onboard Tracker to manage all of their Subsea Service’s Personnel Logistics, Training & Competence data.

The project began with the Subsea team in the Westhill offices, but is now rolling out across further locations including Papendrecht, South Africa & Dubai. There is currently just over 600 people on the system, and for Boskalis Subsea Ltd, it’s never been easier to manage!

Boskalis Subsea Ltd can now manage all Vessel Activities, plus Personnel’s Training & Competence Portfolios – online in one single platform. Significantly reducing administration time and encouraging better communication and forward-planning across the organisation. Crew changes are easier to manage, expiring certificates are flagged up instantly and Project Matrices can be generated in the click of a button.

We’re so happy to have Boskalis Subsea Ltd be part of Solab’s Onboard Tracker hub!