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How to lead teams in onshore and offshore environment?

Leadership, communication and positive perception are successful concepts when leading teams in an onshore and offshore environment (Energy Voice). However, I have found during many of our software implementation projects over the last 10 years that visibility of consistent, high quality information across these teams is the absolute foundation on which our clients leadership and communication decisions are based. How can you be seen to be leading with the wrong information or have a different version of it that reduces your credibility?

As a specialised Oil and Gas software house, our experience is that the inability of large, enterprise based ERP systems to cope with the changes and fluidity of the operations teams means that the UKCS effectively runs on thousands of spreadsheets that are detached from each other. As there is no source of truth,  teams and leaders are making decisions based on a lack of visibility and are undermined by others suggesting that ‘they don’t know what they are talking about’.

We’ve all experienced scenarios where nobody knows that a driller on another rig or business unit is available, yet you are paying overtime to your own. They don’t know whether a technician’s training and competence is relevant to that client, rig or equipment for quick mobilisation and they haven’t cancelled the training course that the engineer missed because he’s offshore and nobody told the booker. All of these frustrate the teams concerned.

Furthermore, any form of reporting or the ability to see all of this information on an individual or team ‘what if’ basis is almost impossibly time consuming with spreadsheets.™

At Onboard Tracker™, we believe that high quality, consistent information should be available to the people who need it, when and wherever they need it.  Our nimble, cost reducing, cloud architecture has helped our Oil and Gas clients of all sizes implement quickly from their current spreadsheet or database sources and banished them to the recycle bin. The results are spectacular – teams collaborate using the same data, overtime costs are contained as you know who is available, training costs are reduced and audits become a dream. You get visibility back!

So whilst I agree with your leadership, communication and positive perception thoughts, it is our experience that you should consider that consistent data visibility is the cornerstone of team communication.

written by Kevin Coll, Founder of Onboard Tracker™