Poor old MS Excel…

oor old MS Excel, this week’s COVID superspreader!

Please tell me we’re not the only ones appalled that Excel is being used as the data source to produce the wildly inaccurate Governmental COVID case results? Welcome back to the 1990’s!

Despite amazing levels of technology enabling the Energy industry to operate in the most challenging areas on earth, monster Excel spreadsheets are still a primary tool to record and track critical operational data for many. An error like the track and trace blunder could have devastating consequences.

Don’t get us wrong, spreadsheets are great analysis tools, but they shouldn’t be large volume or important data sources. They don’t efficiently manage those volumes, easily allow multi-user access or fully integrate with existing systems.

So, let Onboard Tracker retire those painful Crew & Vessel planning spreadsheets and give those nightmare Training Matrices the heave-ho! We can give you visibility and welcome your team to 2020!

Our modular online portal reduces human error, duplication of effort, lost data and failed automation. Not to mention bringing significant efficiencies and compliance for heavily regulated industries.

If this strikes a chord, book a demo today!

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