Solab & Onboard Tracker™ join new tech business programme to aid the North East of Scotland’s economic growth

We are thrilled to announce that Solab and Onboard Tracker™ have joined a network of established local businesses in a new initiative – Opportunity North East’s (ONE) Digital & Entrepreneurship’s North East business growth and recovery programme.

Kevin Coll, our Managing Director, said he was proud to be among the first businesses chosen to take part in the scheme:

“This initiative by Opportunity North East has come at a very crucial time for many businesses across the region. The concept of encouraging growth amongst strong, established Tech companies is long overdue as their success directly results in quality job creation that attracts and retains people in the region.

We are experiencing an undercurrent of change in the digital tech sector and our association with ONE will enable all of the cohort members to capitalise on their position in the marketplace”.

ONE’s Digital & Entrepreneurship’s business growth and recovery programme encourages digital tech business owners and leaders to plan effectively and confidently for economic recovery and growth.

A combination of workshops, one to ones, team sessions and mentoring provides participants with a toolkit to develop robust business models, compelling value propositions and growth strategies to take their business forward in new and existing markets and geographies whilst continuing to enhance the collaborative digital community.

The first cohort to take part in the ONE business programme features 10 of the region’s most established companies who will be sharing best practice, insights and new opportunities with each other.

Kevin adds:

“Solab has over three decades of experience in supporting, training and developing a whole host of business across the UK and globally, but we are always looking at ways to improve and evolve our digital business. It’s not just start-ups who are passionate and enthusiastic about what they do.

Solab is skilfully adjusting to these shifting demands and remains at the heart of the fastest growing sector in Scotland.

“As the country prepares its route out of lockdown in the coming weeks, it is crucial that businesses within the industry create stable foundations for new growth and opportunities to ignite and secure future success.”

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