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Why Onboard Tracker™?

Our vision when building Onboard Tracker™ as an enterprise class, monthly subscription SaaS was to ensure that our Oil and Gas clients had a partner who constantly innovated, built and invested in a software operations hub on their behalf.

System Benefits



Onboard Tracker™️️ is a modular, web based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that grows with your business.


Onboard Tracker™️️ is a monthly subscription model with no upfront capital cost.

Enterprise Class

Onboard Tracker™️️ uses secure, globally-replicating data centres for resilient worldwide access across multiple locations.


Modules stand alone, work together or integrate with your other company systems and data sources.

Low Risk

We’ve built the system for you. Sign up, switch on and start!

Proven Success

Onboard Tracker™ is in daily use worldwide by companies of all sizes from a range of sectors including the highly regulated oil, gas and maritime industries.

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How many systems does it take to track and manage one oilfield worker?

As companies grow and operate across multiple locations and territories, they encounter operational, data management and reporting challenges. Where are my people and crews? Who is available with the right skills? Which jobs and sites are they mobilised to? When do...

Typical oil and gas industry challenges

Consider the following common scenarios and then click to find out just how Onboard Tracker™ could provide you with the solution. Your business juggles dozens of systems and spreadsheets to track work, holiday and absence movements and manage your people's...

Sparrows Group implement Onboard Tracker™ software

A glowing testimonial from Sparrows Group – one of our latest Onboard Tracker™ clients! From spreadsheets to worldwide structure in one month. WOW! Sparrows, a global provider of engineered products and services to the energy industry, have implemented Onboard...

Building on experience

Energy service companies of all sizes can now enjoy the benefits of an enterprise class system that has been designed for their highly regulated industry at a fraction of the risk and cost of building it themselves.

Onboard Tracker’s™ SaaS (Software as a Service) model ensures that the system is fit for purpose, performant, and continually improved rather than decaying from the moment of implementation like traditional systems. Onboard Tracker™ is, in effect, an ongoing development collaboration of all of its client’s best practices.

Onboard Tracker People

Track your oil & gas workforce, manage certification, competence & HR.

Onboard Tracker Assets

Track your oil and gas assets, manage certification & testing.